An Inheritance of Ghosts

Ichabod Mattocks and Eunice Lorraine Burlingame

Ichabod Mattocks [64]

Father: James Mattocks [128]

Mother: Sarah —– [129]

Mattocks Family Heritage entry

Eunice Lorraine Burlingame [65]

Father: Clark Burlingame [130]

Mother: Patience Soper [131]

Mattocks Family Heritage entry


Ichabod Mattocks [64] was born 23 December 1773 at Litchfield, Litchfield County, Connecticut.  He was probably living with his father at Litchfield in 1790.  According to the Mattocks Memorial Package (1989), in 1792 (but I think perhaps a year or so later), Ichabod, along with his father and brothers John and James, migrated to Washington County, New York, near Lake George.

[F]or the U.S. Census of 1800, Town of Queensbury, three Mattocks families are enumerated: the James Matticks household; two males under ten, two males 26-45; 1 female under 10, 1 female 16-26 living side-by-side with the John Matticks household with two males under 10, one male 26-45, and one male over 45; one female under 10, one female 16-26.  Nearby is the John Mattox household with three males under 10, one 26-45 and one over 45 and two females under 10, one 16-26, living next door to the Clark Burlingim family.  Possibly one of the over-45 males living in the John Matticks or the John Mattox household is James (5), the father of John, James, and Ichabod.  Ichabod himself may well be the second adult male, age 26-45 living in the James Matticks household, not far from the Burlingame family where [Ichabod’s future wife] Eunice [Burlingame] resided.

Ichabod married, 24 January 1802, probably at Queensbury, Washington County, as her first husband, Eunice Lorraine  Burlingame [65].  Family historian Glen Allen reported that his grandmother claimed that Ichabod and Eunice were married at Utica, New York, but it is likely she meant Attica, New York, where Ichabod and Eunice later lived (although it is doubtful they were married there).  Eunice was born 14 or 15 January 1781 in Vermont, reportedly at Fairfield, Chittenden (later Franklin) County, the daughter of Clark and Patience (Soper) Burlingame.  However, it is difficult to believe that the Burlingame family was at Fairfield at this early date.  In 1800, Eunice was living with her parents at Queensbury.

Son James was born to Ichabod and Eunice in December 1806, reportedly at Essex County, New York.  Essex County is located just north of Washington County.

Apparently in 1807, or shortly thereafter, Ichabod and Eunice removed to that part of Genesee County, New York, which would become in 1841 Wyoming County.  Eunice’s parents, Clark and Patience Burlingame, had previously migrated to Genesee County.

In 1810, Ichobod Mattock was living with at Sheldon Township, Genesee County, in a household consisting of 1 male aged 26 to 44 [Ichabod himself], 2 males aged under 10 [sons Ichabod and James], 1 female aged 26 to 44 [wife Eunice], and 1 female aged under 10 [daughter Polly].

“Sheldon Town at that time included present-day Sheldon, Arcade, Java, Attica, Bennington, Orangeville, and Wethersfield Townships.”  Sheldon had been formed from the town of Batavia on 19 March 1808.  On 4 April 1811, the town of Attica was formed from Sheldon.

The records of the Holland Land Company show that, on 11 May 1811, Ichabod purchased from the Company (probably with an eight-year time limit for payment) land in Lot 6 of Section 7, Township 10, Range 2 [in the Town of Attica].

Originally part of Genesee County, Town 10 (Attica) is now part of Wyoming County.  Lot 6 is located in the east-central area of the town near Attica Center (Land ownership map of Wyoming Co., N.Y.; Philadelphia: Newel S. Brown, 1853).

Military records for the War of 1812 show a Private Ichabod Mattocks in Capt. Cheney Munger’s Company, Major Parmenio Adam’s Regiment, New York State Volunteers.  The name appears on the company muster roll and the pay roll for the same period: Dec. 20, 1813 to Jan. 5, 1814.  Term of service-17 days.  Pay per month, 8 dollars; amount of pay received: 4 dollars 38 cents (U.S. Archives, Military Records, War of 1812).  New York State records confirm that Chauncey Munger was appointed as Ensign in 1809, Genesee County and as Cheney Munger as Captain in Genesee County in 1811 (Military Minutes of the Council of Appointments, 1783-1821, Volume II. Albany: State Printer, 1901, p. 1100, 1275).

On 12 May 1819, Ichabod renewed with the Holland Land Company the articles of agreement he had made for the land purchased in May 1811.

In 1820, Ichabod Mattocks was living at Alexander Township, Genesee County, in a household consisting of 1 male aged 26 to 44 [Ichabod himself, who was actually aged 47 in 1820], 2 males aged 10 to 15 [sons Ichabod, actually aged 17, and James], 4 males aged under 10 [sons John, Truman, Samuel, and Abel], 1 female aged 26 to 44 [wife Eunice], and 2 females aged under 10 [daughters Polly, actually aged 12, and Sally].  Apparently, at this time two members of the household were engaged in agriculture and one was engaged in manufactures.

A Holland Land Company table of 22 September 1823 recorded the payments received from Ichabod on the parcel of land in Lot 6 that he purchased in May 1811.

On 22 March 1825, two actions were recorded by the Holland Land Company on nearby Lot 4 involving “Mattocks & Washburn.”  One action was a reversion of the property, a reversion being:

[l]and that for one reason or another had reverted back to the company and would again be available to article.  Sometimes the settler never came back to the land or there was no activity on the account within the time period allotted by the article of application and the Company could put it back on the market again.

The other recorded action was a renewal of the original articles, perhaps at a higher price.  When renewed, “additional purchasers may show up for the same land as was previously articled.”  It would seem to me then that Mattocks and Washburn had “renewed” articles on Lot 4 which had previously reverted back to the Holland Land Company after the original purchaser defaulted.

Further payment on Ichabod’s Lot 6 was received on 3 May 1825.  Ichabod and Eunice sold part of the parcel on 6 May 1825 for $160.  Land records for Genesee County show that, on 13 May 1825, Ichabod received by deed from the Holland Land Company 58 acres, almost certainly the property purchased in May 1811, being the north part of Lot 6, Section 7, Township 10.  The total amount paid for the property was $366.94.

Ichabod Mattocks joined the Presbyterian Church of Attica in 1829. (Church records of births, membership, marriage, 1823-1939).

By 1830 Ichabod and his family were in Attica, now Wyoming Co. (p. 115).  (Two males 10-15 [sons Samuel and Abel], two 15-20 [sons John and Truman], one 50-60 [Ichabod himself]; one female 20-30 [daughter Polly], one 50-60 [Eunice was actually aged 49 in 1830][daughter Sally, aged 15 to 18, was apparently not living with her parents in 1830]).

Ichabod died, apparently after falling, on 4 March 1833, at the home of Nathaniel Coville in Independence, Allegany County, New York.  Family historian Alfred Little suggested that Ichabod may have been in Allegany County “during a journey to visit his brother, James, in Springfield, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.”

On Sept. 23, 1833, James Mattocks [presumably Ichabod’s son], deposed that Ichabod Mattocks died on or about the 4th day of March last in the home of Nathaniel Coville in the Town of Independence when he was there with an inflammation of the lungs while on a journey and died after about a week’s sickness.  The deposition names Eunice as the widow and eight surviving children…, all of the Town of Attica. (File 18, Genessee [sic] Co. Surrogate’s Office, Batavia, N.Y.).  Probate Records (1:217) indicate that he died intestate.  On Sept. 25, 1833 his son, James, was appointed administrator of the estate after Eunice Mattocks renounced the responsibility.  An inventory of personal property of an agricultural nature was totaled at a value of $442. (1:442, file 18).

Though his name does not appear on published lists of burials at Attica Center Cemetery in Attica, Genesee [later Wyoming] County, Ichabod has been reported to have been buried there, alongside his infant son Edwin.

Located in the hamlet of Attica Center, Town of Attica, a cemetery association was organized June 13, 1817.  There are extant inscriptions showing deaths as early as June 1813, and there is reason to believe burials were made prior to that date.  [In August 1948] the grounds were somewhat overgrown, many stones had fallen, and others were piled against the stone wall which surrounds the plot.  Burials have been made for which we have no record.  It was noted that “other stones were laying about the grounds, some entirely weathered, others broken and separated from original sites.”

By August 1838, Eunice had married second, Stephen Thayer.

On May 2, 1836 the heirs of Ichabod Mattocks (Francis Moore and Polly, his wife; Sally Mattock; Ichabod Mattock and Malinda, his wife; James Mattock and Betsy, his wife; and Truman Mattock) quitclaimed to John Mattock their interest in the estate of Ichabod Mattocks, Senior.  Ichabod and Malinda signed the document on Sept. 14, 1836 in Genesee County; the remaining six, Francis, Polly, James, Betsy, Truman, and Sally signing in Chautauqua County, New York on July 4, 1836. (44:260).  Steven Thayer and Eunice, his wife, of the town of Orangeville, Genesee County, Eunice “being the widow and relict of Ichabod Mattock of the Town of Attica” quitclaimed for $200.00 their interest in the estate of Ichabod Mattock (Aug. 13, 1838; 51:82).  Samuel Mattock of the Town of Gerry, County of Chautauqua, sold his interest in 1839 (49-497), as did John Mattock and Mary, his wife, of Attica, on Aug. 10, 1838. (49:495).

The 1840 United States Census recorded a Stephen Thayer living at Gerry, perhaps with wife Eunice.

Gerry was formed from Pomfret, June 1, 1812….  It was named from Elbridge Gerry, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, and a Vice-President.  It lies southeast of the center of the county, is bounded on the north by Charlotte, east by Ellington, south by Ellicott, west by Ellery and Stockton, and comprises township three, range eleven, and contains thirty-six square miles.  The highest hills are in the northeastern and southwestern sections, their summits being 400 feet above the Cassadaga Valley and 1,700 feet above the ocean.  The wide and fertile Cassadaga Valley extends from the northwest part southeasterly to its southern boundary, and averages two miles wide…. Cassadaga Creek, a large, slow, crooked stream, flowing southerly through the valley is the principal water course…. The town is well adapted to grazing and dairying, and the valley is adapted to the raising of corn and other grains.  The soil of the uplands is clay loam, that of the valleys sand loam.

In 1850, Eunice, aged 69, was living in the household of her son John Mattocks at Gerry, Chautauqua County, New York.  Her last name in this census was given as Mattocks, suggesting that she was no longer with her second husband, Stephen Thayer.

Eunice died 8 October 1857 at Chautauqua County, probably in Gerry, aged 76 years, 8 months, and 24 days.  She was buried at Maple Grove (Chrowe’s Corner) Cemetery in Gerry.  Her gravestone apparently gave her last name as “Mattocks,” which suggests that she was buried by her children from her first marriage, who may not have approved of the second marriage.

Children of Ichabod and Eunice Lorraine (Burlingame) Mattocks:

+    64.1.  Ichabod [32], born 11 October 1803.
+    64.2.  Laura, born 2 July 1805.
+    64.3.  James, born 16 December 1806.
+    64.4.  Polly, born 8 February 1808.
+    64.5.  John, born 29 May 1811.
+    64.6.  Truman, born 11 July 1813.
+    64.7.  Sally, born either 6 May 1812 or, perhaps more likely, 14 April 1815.
+    64.8.  Samuel, born 10 February 1817.
+    64.9.  Abel Burlingame, born 12 March 1819.
+    64.10.  Edwin, born 18 July 1821.


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