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Ichabod Mattocks and Malinda Jones

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Ichabod Mattocks [32]

Father: Ichabod Mattocks [64]

Mother: Eunice Lorraine Burlingame [65]

Mattocks Family Heritage entry

Malinda Jones [33]

Father: Asa Jones [66]

Mother: Hannah Dryer [67]

Mattocks Family Heritage entry


Ichabod Mattocks [32] was born 11 October 1803 in New York, presumably at Washington or Essex County, New York.  About 1807, or shortly thereafter, Ichabod and his parents removed to Genesee [now Wyoming] County, New York.  In 1810, Ichabod was living with his parents at Sheldon Township, Genesee County.  In 1820, Ichabod evidently was living with his parents at Alexander Township in Genesee County (where he was mistakenly enumerated as one of the males aged 10 to 15 in the household).

Ichabod married, 25 September 1826, Malinda Jones [33].  Malinda was born 20 June 1803 in New York, perhaps at Sheldon, Genesee County, the daughter of Asa and Hannah (Dryer) Jones.  She was said to have been from the Attica area (which was formed in 1811 from the Town of Sheldon).   Malinda does not appear to have been living with her parents (at Genesee County) in 1820 (when she would have been about 17).  Perhaps she was living and working in another household.

In 1830, Ichabod Mattocks, Jr., was living at Bennington Township, Genesee County.  Bennington had been formed from the town of Sheldon on 6 March 1818.

On May 2, 1836 the heirs of Ichabod Mattocks [the elder] (Francis Moore and Polly, his wife; Sally Mattock; Ichabod Mattock and Malinda, his wife; James Mattock and Betsy, his wife; and Truman Mattock) quitclaimed to John Mattock their interest in the estate of Ichabod Mattocks, Senior.  Ichabod and Malinda signed the document on Sept. 14, 1836 in Genesee County….

In 1840, the household of Ichabod Mattocks was located at Orangeville, Genesee County.  Orangeville had been formed from the town of Attica on 14 February 1816.  The household in this year consisted of 1 white male aged 30 to 40 [Ichabod himself], 2 white males aged 10 to 15 [sons Rumsey and Edwin], 2 white males aged under 5 [sons Monroe and Jesse], 1 white female aged 20 to 30 [probably wife Malinda, though she was closer to 37 years of age], and two white females aged 5 to 10 [daughters Abigail and Adaline].

Daughter Josephine was born in February 1842 in New York State.  Son Walter was born in August 1844 in New York State or Erie, Pennsylvania.

The Mattocks family is said to have migrated to the Momence, Iroquois [now Kankakee] County, Illinois, area just prior to 1850.  According to Amy Tanner, the family traveled west in a covered wagon.  Malinda already had family living in the area, and this undoubtedly influenced the family’s decision to move there.

Ichabod is said to have died 11 November 1851, but it seems he had probably died by September 1850.  At that time, “Malinda Mattox,” aged 47, was living with her seven children in Census District 21, Iroquois County.  Ichabod was reportedly buried at Shrontz Cemetery, in Momence Township, one mile east of Momence, in that part of Iroquois County that would become Kankakee County.  Amy Tanner reported that his grave was located in the southwest corner of the cemetery.

In adjoining 1850 census entries were three Jones families.  One family consisted of Edward M. Jones, aged 33 and born [about 1817] in New York, living with his wife Katharine, aged 30 and born in Ohio, and their children.  Another family living near Malinda Mattocks in 1850 was that of Cyrus Jones, aged 44 and born [about 1806] in New York, who was living with his wife Luny, aged 44 and born in New York, and their children.  Another Jones household near located near Malinda Jones in 1850 was that of Selden Jones, aged 30 and born [about 1820] in New York, who was living with his wife Nancy, aged 23 and born in Illinois, and their son.

Also in the vicinity of Malinda Mattocks in 1850 was Walter B. Hess and his family.  Walter was the uncle of Hester Ann Hess who would later marry Malinda’s son Rumsey.  Also nearby lived Jeremiah S. Force, aged 25 and born in Canada, his wife Caroline, aged 22 and born in Canada, and their son.

In June 1860, Malinda, a domestic, aged 57, was living in her son Rumsey’s household at Momence.

Malinda was almost certainly the sister of John A. Jones, whose family, in 1860, was living next door to Malinda at Momence.  John A. Jones’ son Lucian reportedly married Hester Ann (Hess) Mattocks, the former wife of Malinda’s son Rumsey.

Malinda, aged 66, died 11 February 1870, probably at Momence.  She was reportedly buried at Shrontz Cemetery alongside her husband.

Children of Ichabod and Malinda (Jones) Mattocks:

+    32.1.  Cyrus Rumsey [16], born 17 April 1827.
+    32.2.  Edwin W., born in August 1829.
+    32.3.  Abigail “Abbie”, born about 1832 or 1833.
+    32.4.  Martha Adaline, born about 1834.
+    32.5.  Monroe, born about 1836 or 1837.
+    32.6.  Jesse, born by 1840.
+    32.7.  Josephine Corintha, born 25 February 1842.
+    32.8.  Walter A[llen?], born 10 August 1844.


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